MACHİNE PROPERTİES                                                     PPD-1000





       5 - 50 cc.

  1500 pcs/h


      25 - 250 cc.

  1200 pcs/h


      50 - 500 cc.

  1200 pcs/h


     100 - 1000 cc.

   900 pcs/h


     500 - 5000 cc.

   500 pcs/h


Pneumatic, volumetric, semi-automatic PPD series liquid filling machines fill fluids with or without  viscosity  in glass  and  plastic  bottles, jars, containers and cans. Foot pedal controlled and has automatic working ability.Thanks to its vacuuming capability it sucks the product from depot. Sucking and filling  speed can be adjustable. The material used for  parts  coming  into  contact  with  the product  are 304 or 316 quality stainless steel. Seals are selected according to the product to be  filled  teflon, viton,  PVC  etc.   The machine  is very  handy  to dismantle  for  cleaning. It may  also be cleaned simply by applying the solvent of the filled material

                    Single Nozzle                                   Double Nozzles


                           Single Nozzle With Hopper                                 PPD-50                           PPD-250


Ppd Series Filling Machines