Plate Dimensions 290 X 470 - 350 X 500 MM
Input Power 2.5 KW
Voltage 380 V 3 FAZ ,N,PE 50 HZ
Necessity Air Pressure 6 BAR
Capacity 30 Plate -Min
Applying Widht 470-500 MM
Cream Thickness 1-2.5 MM
Widht 1000 MM
Lenght 2400 MM
Height 1390 MM

-Completely manufactured and coated by Stainless Steel
-Provides to apply Cream over Wafer.
-Appropriates 3-4-5 folds of Cream .
-Automatic Feeding Systemized.
-Provides to set thickness by desire.
-At the Exit Band Ironing applies.
-Manual and Automatik Feeding is possible.
-Thickness of folds sets automatically..
-Liquid Cream Applying
-PLC Controlled- Touch Screen Panel.



GMS 04 Cream Applicating Machine