It is used for cutting the halwa. And the porducts like halwa accordingly with the calibration (dimension) to be demanded. Tanks to the speacial moulds the halwa is poured according to a definate gramaj the blades suitable. To the gramage are mounted to the first department of the machine; pushing once on the button of the machine is sufficient, after the machine performed the oparation, it is stopped spontaneously. Thus the halwa is cut according to the demanded form. The blades of the machine can be moved easily according to the demanded grammage, the moulds are standart and uniform. By pouring the halwa in determined grammage into these moulds, thus the halwa grammage is standardised. For the grammage, look at the supplementary list. The machine is mechanically doing the cutting operation. This machine project has been designed so that the machine would not breakdown as much as possible the moving of the machine is supplied by the reductor motor. It gives the movement to the lever by chain. While the machine is working not to have any trouble. The proper reductor. The gear and the toothed disc are choosen. After the machine performed the cutting operation it is stopped by has any stress and any electrical dissorder. It is automatically stopped but the hards bodies (such as iron) should not enter between the moving lever and the blades. In such a case, the blades of the machine can be damagged.
DIMENSIONS 130cm x 145cm
POWER 1kw+1kw  380volt
WEIGHT & HEIGHT 400 KG  95 cm


GMS 80gr-1000gr Halwa Cutting Machine