Capasity 250Kgs/Per Hourr
Power 10Hp-10Hp-10Hp 1,5Hp 23Kw
Dimensions 180 cm X 100 cm X 280 cm
Weight 850 Kg
This machine consists of three units. The sesames flowing automatically from the
resevoir with the capasity of 250 Kgs. Are transformed into rough sesame oil in the
first unit and flow into the medium tank with cooling system. After a quantity of rough
sesame oil are gathered here, the second and third units are started the sesame oil
is produced accordng to the desirable thinness in these units. And collected into the
tank with the capasity of 250 Kgs. The sesame oil into the reservoir is traspered to
the following place by the centrifuge on the machine. When the sesames are finished
 the alarming device warns. The raw materials are crushed by the special stones
and changed into product. It isn't neccesary to sharpen and repair the stones.
They can be changed easily when they are broken by the misusage these stones
can be always provided cheaply from our firm. But the stones are warranted with
compressor indicator to diminish this type of mistake.



Gms250 Automatic Mill of Sesame