First you should put the halwa which is hot preparing that on the machine's band. You can give form to halwa which you want thickness that with between machine band and balls. And you can cut the halwa lengthwise cutting the product enter to cooling tunnel. You can set up the mcahine's band with speed adjustment equipment which is how you want. The cooling tunnel is 8 meters which is system with gas and ypu can reducethe tunnel's inside is 1 -2 degress. The halwa is exit from the cooling tunnel, you cut the halwa with pnomatic also you can cut the halwa with pnomatic also you can cut the halwa how you want to be lenght. With length adjustment you can cut the halwa from 25 Gr to 100 Gr how you want you can change the length. After cutting operation, you can package the halwa. Also you can make krokan with peanut, hazelnut and sesame.

3 pieces cooling group with gas
this is XR 160 c 32 x 74 mm which its dimensions microcompressor and also the equipment is with control system. With this cooling group you can supply increase and fallen (low) from the this aquipment. The compressor has got 3 role for evaporator fan control which is with defrost electricity fan control which is with defrost electricity or hot gas. There are two pieces PTC sensor for room and evaporator heating control (the ending defrost

CAPACITY 25Gr    : 90 Kgs / Per hour
50Gr    : 150 Kgs / Per hour
100Gr  : 300 Kgs / Per hour
DIMENSIONS colling tunne 160cm X 800cm Height 140cm
shape machine 80cm X 350cm Height 150cm
pnomatic cutting 80cm X 300cm Height 150cm
POWER 2,2 Kw + 2,2 Kw + 2,2 Kw
AĞIRLIK 1700 Kgs


GMS 2000-04 Halwa Bar and Krokan Machine