Roll group                                Chin group
Body's material is steel. All of surfaces where touching products before
packing up are stainless steel.

Can use wrapping materials PVC, Polipropilen,
OPP, BOPP, paper and aluminium laminasions, selephone that one of surfaces
can weld with hot or cold.
Capasity changes as for as wrapping materials, products and packet's dimension.
As single or many time packet petibbeaure biscuit, choclate helva. Turkish delight c
ezerye, soap, endy, wet wipes, pastry and all solid products packaging capasity is
50 packet min. You can pack up product from 80grs. To 3 kgs without any extra
machine part.

-Machine is full automatic
-Chin grup is semipneumatic, semimechanic, which can be done seam in
europe standarts.
-Automatic packet's lenght setup
-Standart brake system which can be setup tension.
-Traveller roll regulated comfortably and ensily
-The regulated transport band for single or many time packets. Traveller
disk has setup possibility destead strierness for packing prsuting regulated
bottom pasting group.
-Selephone is not wasted thanks to digital packet lenght indicator.
-With clutch photocell system.
-Traveller roll adjustment photocell group
-Elektricity power 220/380 Volt 3 Phase 50 Hz.
-Adjustment roll up box (envelopment system)
-Motor power 1,1 Kw (1,5 HP) AC Speed Control

GMS 200-04 Horizontal Packing Machine with Whirling Head