This compact machine has a special designed dividing drum and intake piston therefore ,
ensures careful halwa handling at minimum pressure and no warming of halwa.
It divides even sensitive halwa agently as by hanr. All halwa-contacting parts
 are automatically lubricated with food based oil which enhances accuracy and long service life.
 The hopper is made of stainles steel and has a safety cover on it.
 Daily cleaning of the halwa divider system is not neccesary.
 Weight adjustment done by push - buttons en automatic model
 and by a handwel in manual models. The electronic control system
 also displays on digital display as a ratio of halwa proccesed.
 Weight ranges are 50-200 gr, 100-600 gr, 250-1000gr
Motor power in manual models 1.75 kw 220/380 V AC 50 Hz. (Flour, water ratio less then 50%
- Automatic Model VD 3000A
- Manuel Model VD 3000M
- Main bady completely steel
- Dividing drum chromium-plated
- Suckuni piston anticorrosive
- 24 V control board
- Lubrication with oil recirculation,low oil consumption
- Whel mounted for easy motion. (With a locking device )
- Machine weight 500 kg
- Two output speed. 1260-1860 pc/h (steppless output speed adj.on request )


GMS 1000-05 Volumetric Divider